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2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT






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>>>CONSUMER ALERT<<< Don't get ripped of by OTHER dealerships and read this notice first!!! We are selling with "No-Hidden Dealer Fees" Many other sellers are artificially offering most vehicles for an advertised price artificially below actual cost so that when you search by price they have a lower price point. That is a widespread Cheat to rope in a dope. However when you show up at the location and are presented with the sign here contract you find out that a $20,000 car will cost $35,000 out the door. For some people you may be hit with contract that your total of payments equals 3 times the price of the car. They add extras like Paint Protection, Fabric protection, Undercoatings, Security Devices and others that can add $10000 to the contract of a car you were roped in on. But not here. If you see the price you can do the math right now by yourself and here is the formula for everyone buying within California: (Advertised Sales Price from this ad)+($85 E-Doc Fee)+($50 Emissions inspection)+($8.25 Smog Certificate if applicable)+(DMV Government license and Ownership Transfer fees for this vehicle)+(Sales Tax as Defined on the California Government CDTFA Website) That is the Formula of what you pay clean and clear. If you are outside of California and want this car delivered to you for use outside California then your Formula is: (Advertised Sales Price from this ad)+($85 E-Doc Fee)+($50 Emissions inspection) No other money paid to our dealership. We will arrange a transport of your vehicle from us to you and on average you can expect to pay for transport roughly $200 for the first 100 miles and $0.50 per mile or usually less beyond that originating from our 92509 zip code. You can pay the transport fee to the delivery driver in cash upon your vehicle upon arrival to your area. No Tax or Registration fees paid to us on out of state purchase if delivered across state lines. Rare---Sneaky Super fast Mustang 4x4/All wheel drive GT Mach-E. this is a quiet car with advanced state of the art Tech. It is very similar to Tesla Model y Performance version. This one has dual motor all wheel drive so when you stomp on the pedal the car Accelerates Special features include Pearl White 3 stage Premium Paint, B&O Premium sound, Too Fast with official 0-to60mph acceleration of only 3.8 seconds that you will feel pushed back into your seat. Because this is an Electric car that Zero to 60 time is the same at sea level as it is at 9,000 foot mountain passes on hot days at high elevations. Gas powered vehicles loose lots of power on hot days and at high altitude. But this one is also 4x4-All Wheel drive so you can head to the mountains in snow and ice conditions and chain-up might not be required. This has the Panorama Roof, Memory seats, Real Leather Suede upholstery unlike the vegetation vinyl they put in the Route-1 and Select models. Anyways take a good look at this one. I like it so much it might be my wifey's new SUV soon. The front windshield is in excellent condition. The paint is in great shape and condition. No dings are visible on this vehicle. There is more than 50% tread life left on the tires. The interior was well maintained and is extra clean. The exterior was well maintained and is extra clean. The engine is functioning properly and has no issues. The transmission shifts very smoothly. The brakes are in great condition. The battery is in excellent condition. The car was previously owned by a non smoker. This vehicle comes with a spare key. This vehicle had one previous owner.

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We offer Clean-Deals without hidden Junk-fees but Prices shown are for Vehicle only excluding any governmental or other fees such as tax, License, Shipping from us to you, Documentation fees, Emissions fees. If you call us we can give you a good faith estimate of your total cost out-the-door. Tax and license fees are based on you buyers Address set by local laws in your area so fees can vary from $143-14% of the price of the vehicle depending on your local laws.