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2016 Ford Fusion Energi SE Luxury

SE Luxury 4dr Sedan





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2.0L I4
Plug-in Hybrid
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Leather, Navigation, Sunroof, Drivers Assist Package, great gas mileage 85MPG officially rated and it can actually get over 150mpg on short trips under 20 miles!***AVAILABLE For Sale!!! Extra-clean!!! And this very rare and special car gets the newest Light-Purple-Color HOV stickers!! The Purple HOV stickers Officially started getting issued on January 2019 and they last up-to 4 years!! Light Purple HOV are valid until 2023! Wonder Why? How can that be you ask...Well.. this car was never issued any HOV stickers before. Under the New Law in California any individual car can only have HOV valid sticker up to 4 years maximum as a lifetime limit per specific vehicle. That's Important because almost any other HOV-qualifiing pre-owned car you see in California was already issued Green or White HOV stickers prior to 1-1-2017. Under the new law those other cars are now permanently kicked out of the HOV sticker program since 1-1-2019!!! And-so Because this car was-not previously issued any color of HOV stickers is why this car can get the new-issued HOV sticker valid until 2023! That is an Important advantages over the quarter million other cars that were kicked out of the HOV lanes on Jan-1-2019!!! Just Watch the included YouTube Video in this listing to learn more about this car and how to check with DMV to determine eligibility for a car to get HOV stickers or not. Note that official Light Purple Color HOV sticker will be issued directly to buyer by DMV*** This is Very Excellent Condition car this Ford Fusion Energi Plug-in runs on Gasoline fuel but can also be plug-in powered for up to 20 miles offering very high offical gas MPG rating of 88mpg. This is a fast & Powerful car with a 2.0 liter gas engine that is effectively turbocharged by running in parallel with the gasoline engine. Also it fully qualifies for up to $10500 in cash incentives including $1000 cash rebate offered for customers with electrical service from Southern California Edison. And A Big-money offer from the Government $9500 Cash Incentive RYR program!!! So.. the government may be willing to pay up-front $9500 of the cost of purchase for qualified buyers. This car is not yet reserved so contact me to reserve it. This car has existing Ford Factory Warranty in full force! Ford Warranty on this car offers Coverage in tiers up to 15 years or 150000 miles valid at any Ford Service Department. I can offer Transportation assistance to buyers that are further from the dealership. This car can be purchased with an optional money back guarantee. This car qualify for The New Style HOV carpool stickers valid thru year 2023. Next years color will be valid till 2024 The front windshield is in excellent condition. The paint is in great shape and condition. The interior was well maintained and is extra clean. The exterior was well maintained and is extra clean. The engine is functioning properly and has no issues. The transmission shifts very smoothly. The brakes are in great condition. The battery is in excellent condition. The car was previously owned by a non smoker. This vehicle comes with a spare key.

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